Monday, November 9, 2009

Pink Jelly Bellies

We had my 20-week ultrasound on October 27 (a memorable birthday present!) while Tyler, Scott & Tessa were at school. We thought a fun way to deliver the news would be to give them each some pink Jelly Belly candies and let them figure it out.

It was a little subtle.... (as they stared at the bags of candy), then I asked: "What color are they?"
                   And then the light went on!

Tessa is very excited to have a little sister to take care of and share a room with.  Ty's really glad because this means he won't have to share a room.  Scott was happy either way.  Zach was with us at the hospital.  When he and I had a moment alone, I told him that he'd be having a little sister.  His lip curled under and he stared down, "I wanted a widdle bruhver."  But once I explained how neat it would be to have 2 brothers (holding up 2 fingers) and 2 sisters (2 more fingers), he smiled big and has been happy about it ever since. : )

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