Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Basketball Boys

We got to cheer on both Scott and Tyler as they played Verona Rec basketball this winter.

Here's Scott right before he made a basket.  He was quite a hustler.

Tyler was on the 5th/6th grade team.  They were a lot more serious than last year and he played hard and learned a lot.  They played for the championships and he made his first (and second) baskets of the season!  He'd tried many times in previous games, but no luck.  You should have seen all 3 of his coaches, Chris and I leap to our feet to cheer for his personal accomplishment!  The look on Ty's face, though, was the best.  His team took 2nd place in the Verona/Fitchburg Rec league.

Zach was a faithful fan (both because he had no choice being there and because he really looked forward to each game).  He requested a ball upon entering the gym each time (even though he'd brought his own -- we coined a new saying: "the basketball is always oranger in the gym")  He dribbled on the sidelines and couldn't wait for halftime when he could go on the floor, sometimes being lifted up by Dad to try a shot or two.  He had the moves.  I could almost hear "getcha head in the game" coming from his little head as he played.  Many spectators would comment on how impressed there were by our little Troy Bolton.
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