Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Over a week ago, some neighbors down our street had a garage sale. One of the boys' friend came by to show them some cool Lego pieces he had found there. The boys were way excited, grabbed their allowance money and raced down to the house only to find them almost packed up for the day. The neighbors said they'd be setting up again in a week and that they could come back then. Well, bright and early last Thursday morning, the boys were up, morning duties done quickly, and they were ready to roll. Tyler and Scott first went to scope it out -- they zoomed back, bursting with excitement, reporting that there were TONS of Legos. They got Zach and off they went. They returned about 10 minutes later, each with a brown lunch bag (Scott with 2) filled to the brim with Lego and Bionicle pieces, glowing because they had truly scored a good deal -- $1 per bag, fill as full as you can! Heaven. It was the deal of the century! I was almost as excited as they were as I quickly did the math in my head figuring out the value of what they had purchased. It was awesome.
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