Friday, February 24, 2012

Once There Was a Snowman...

One of Brynn's favorite songs currently is "Once There Was a Snowman". And since we haven't had very much snow this winter (which is fine by me, by the way), when it snowed a couple of weeks ago and wasn't bitter cold, I seized the oppotunity to make a snowman with the Zach and Brynn so she could see a real, live snowman. She didn't enjoy being cold and didn't last very long, so Z and I worked as fast as we could! She liked looking at the window, once we were warm inside, to check on him, though, and thought it was pretty great.

When Scott and Tessa walked home from school that day, they were inspired to build and added a couple more snowmen to the front yard. They worked really hard since the snow was pretty icy!

It was so warm that 24 hours later, they really had "melted small, small, small". The last of the bottom chunks are still in our yard, now covered with a new layer of great packing snow from last night. ; )

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