Friday, September 11, 2009

Here comes "Piderman"!

Zach and I made a fun purchase today on our SuperTarget run: an official "Piderman" outfit (that's how Zach pronounces his name...) Not only a great Halloween costume, but will provide hours of make-believe fun! (Currently his only other "dress-up" outfit is one he made to be Tarzan -- it requires a quick strip down to diaper/loincloth, and voila! I'm feeling much better about Spiderman!). He's seen here taking a moment to properly position his fingers for shooting his webs...

He's got the right hand down, but the left is a little trickier and he decided a "4" would work just as well. : ) It fits him perfectly and I just get a huge smile when I see him. Can you see that the pecs and biceps are totally padded and molded for muscles? And I love that it's not a full mask. My cute little crime fighter. I usually avoid buying Halloween costumes when the kids are little and just take the homemade route, but let's face it, how in the world could I have done something like this?! He LOVES it.
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