Friday, September 11, 2009

More 1st day of Kindergarten photos....

Tessa has her own locker outside the classroom and it also happens to be just her size! She loves this shirt and carefully laid out her clothes the night before. She looked very cute! She had absolutely no worries about her day. She's been at the school so much with the boys' activities and PTO stuff, it's very familiar. After we dropped off Zach at a friend's home, she got the giddy, excited giggles, clapping her hands as we got closer and closer to the school! She was so thrilled that it was hard to be too sad (although as we walked in and greeted her fabulous teacher, whom Scott had in K as well, the tears popped out of nowhere!).

I sneaked a quick photo of her in action. We had played a game to put all her supplies away and then they got play time. She was happy to be in the same class as twins, Avery and Maia, who were on her soccer team last spring. This playhouse area is her favorite spot during free choice time and I hear all about it each day. : )

After her short morning at kindergarten, we picked up Zach, and Tessa wondered if we could meet Dad for lunch at "a fancy place". Where was this fancy place, you ask? Yep, good old McD's. : ) (I was secretly hoping for someplace a tad fancier, but it wasn't my special day...!) Zach and Tessa enjoyed a little Playland time afterwards, while I got teary watching them spend their last "fancy lunch" weekday together for awhile....
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